Sequential – Lauren Simeoni

In previous work I have used a variety of eclectic found materials and monochromatic colour ways. The work for this exhibition marks a shift in a new direction.

I am still employing a minimal colour pallet, but have chosen a single material: the sequin.

I love how the glittery quality changes when you string them as garland, the frayed edges mutate the tones and the textures become quite raw. Only the wearer can intimately know the glowing sparkly interior surface.

Lauren Simeoni is an Adelaide based artist whose work is an homage to the senses – a wearable passport to a whimsical ‘other’ reality. Simeoni finds the beautiful and seductive in what is otherwise thought of as mundane. Her work toys with mass-production processes and she frequently reconfigures mass produced objects to create wearable’s of seductive beauty.

Simeoni completed a Bachelor of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing from Canberra School of Art and a Design Associateship at the JamFactory in Adelaide. She exhibits widely nationally and internationally.

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Sequential – Lauren Simeoni