Wash & Hourglass Table- Nico Kelly


Wash is a sculptural light that offers a window into another space, inspired by my childhood in Hong Kong. Combining the richness of the gold leaf panel and the warmth of the red-glow of an interior space, it is designed to filter light through the manipulation of the delicate lace she-oak shutters.

The piece incorporates a household door salvaged during the refurbishment of the JamFactory in Adelaide and the reconfiguration of a block of lace sheoak timber salvaged from a wood offcuts bin.

My interest lies in the social, spatial and experiential aspects of design and my architectural background informs the way I approach design.

Through my work I explore aspects of connection and intimacy – the rituals and interactions around furniture and lighting and the space generated by them. I seek to address our sensory experience of furniture and the intimacy of our relationship with it.

I am particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of lighting and its capacity to generate and influence the mood of a space.

With my work I seek simplicity and clarity of form, of structure, of a gesture, of an idea.

The use of salvaged and recycled materials offers an additional layer and narrative to the work.

Hourglass Table

A dining table is the social hearth of the home. The hourglass shape comfortably accommodates seating for six while inviting and emphasizing the intimacy of a meal for two.

The tabletop, constructed from jarrah flooring salvaged from a demolished gymnasium in Forestville, SA, incorporates rounded edges to soften the tactile interaction of its diners.

The table is designed to be flat-packed, for ease of transport in an increasingly mobile world.

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Wash & Hourglass Table- Nico Kelly